Water-Based Coatings for the Paper Industry

Product Offerings

Release Coatings

Release coatings are applied to paper or board to prevent items from adhering and contaminating the product. Common applications are for rubber, asphalt, and food.

Progressive Coatings manufactures two types of release coat -- reactive and non-reactive.

Pro Release -- Reactive

A two-part catalyzed silicone system generating excellent Keil values. This system can be applied, flexo gravure, off set, rod, blade or roller coater. It is water resistant, heat resistant, repulpable, and FDA direct compliant. No gluability.

Pro Release IV -- Non-Reactive

A unique, non-reactive coating developed for less stringent release requirements. It needs no catalyst, is repulpable, and can be applied flexo, gravure, and rod or blade coater. No gluability.

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